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       The ideas of a coach about the game are always related to his/her ideal game model where the same searches that players cooperate to achieve behaviors that make emerge an organization and stability during the various moments of the game. In a yield environment, the performance analysis presents itself as an extremely important control tool for future interventions in the training process in order to maximize the effectiveness toward the ideal desired game model.

        Thus, the Scouting Software Moments of the Game presents itself as a tool to aid coaching staff, qualifying and quantifying how the team performs during the 5 moments of the game (Offensive Organization, Organization Defensive, Offensive Transition, Defensive Transition and Set Pieces) providing a feedback to the coach that is specific to their game ideas. The form of exposure of the results, reports and charts facilitates the interpretation and use of data.

       While the video-tutorial is in production, check the video below of the Portuguese version. To purchase your software you can buy through in my store(above). If you are interested in the Portuguese version contact us.


scouting MOMENTS of the game

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